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Geekathon in July

NBOS Technologies believes in innovation and a constant desire to improve. To foster these qualities in our vibrant technological community, NBOS presents the very first Geekathon - a gathering of geeks of all descriptions and areas of interest from across India. Keep watching this space for more details.

About Us

Organisations, both big and small, are increasingly adopting open source technologies. Not only is open source inexpensive, it is also very flexible and lends itself to adaptation quite easily. NBOS was founded in 2007 with the objective of providing the best IT solutions and services using "Nothing But Open Source" technologies. We have stood by our motto, “Always on The Cutting Edge” since our inception, and constantly keep our arsenal of capability stocked with the latest in technology and processes.

NBOS is a vibrant company with a strong history of associating with companies of all shapes and sizes. Open Source and startups go together, and NBOS has helped many startups with IT solutions. We also work with global conglomerates, so whatever needs a company may have, NBOS is able to address them all with the very best standards possible.

What We Do

NBOS is short for “Nothing But Open Source”. NBOS Technologies was founded in 1997 with the vision of providing cutting edge end-to-end open source IT solutions to companies with diverse sizes and functional areas. Open source technology is not only economical; it is also flexible and powerful. It also evolves constantly. We at NBOS Technologies have always been on our toes since inception, being true to our motto; “Always on the cutting edge.”

From bootstrapping startups to setting up and maintaining frameworks for behemoths, our portfolio is as varied as it gets. Our technology architects are experts on a wide range of technologies, and their capabilities keep expanding along with newly emerging technologies.

We have a proven track record of excellence in building rich, responsive end-to-end web applications, and mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms. From conceptualisation to implementation and maintenance, NBOS Technologies takes care of all aspects of the software lifecycle.

NBOS Technologies continues to attract a multitude of high-growth clients, which is not surprising considering the depth of our knowledge and our commitment to quality. Most of the components we build are reusable, leading to lower costs and effort while scaling up.

In particular, our architects have significant hands-on experience with the following technologies:

  • Hadoop, Hive, BigData
  • MongoDB
  • CoucheDB
  • SOLR
  • Groovy Grails
  • Spring WebServices
  • Struts
  • Web UI: JQuery, Backbone, Angular, Ember, etc.

We continue adding more skills and expertise to our arsenal constantly. New technologies are mastered and adapted in our work in a continuous flow, enabling us to stay at the forefront of the open source IT solutions segment.

NBOS Culture

Like the open source community itself as a whole, NBOS Technologies is a vibrant workplace with a focus on innovation and personal excellence. We at NBOS Technologies believe that an organisation is only as good as the people in it. Employees at NBOS Technologies never really feel like just employees. They are empowered to take the lead and improve themselves as well as their team and projects.

Our management style at NBOS Technologies is quite open and offers encouragement to the teams to grow both personally and professionally. Micro-management is a strict no-no, and our teams are given free reign to be proactive and involved at various levels of the organisation. This fosters a sense of belonging and makes all of us at NBOS Technologies feel like part of one big family.

NBOS Technologies has a strong tradition of encouraging innovation and staying abreast of new technologies and best practises, in keeping with our motto, “Always on the cutting edge”.

We also have an exhaustive training programme for new team members. They learn from the experience of others, and our peer rating and review system ensures a collaborative learning atmosphere and overall knowledge growth. There is also an ongoing process of learning for every person in the company, and our learning platforms afford employees the means to measure their strengths and work on areas of improvement.

Our manifest is to create some magic and make a real difference. We believe in an opportunity for growth, all-round development and a focus on excellence. Our approach has ensured that our architects are as passionate about the company and their work as the day they joined us. We believe in making all their dreams come true.

NBOS Gives Back

NBOS Technologies has a strong commitment toward growth and innovation. Our ways of giving back to society, and of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, reflect this commitment.

We have a campus outreach programme, where NBOS employees conduct informative and interactive sessions on open source technologies and their applications; at campuses throughout Hyderabad.

NBOS Technologies also contributes to the developer community at large through organising hackathons and other events to showcase burgeoning tech talent.

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